Main Materials Needed:

- Potassium Nitrate, KNO3, also known as "saltpeter" buy it online or you can find this at some garden supply stores in the fertilizer section, most pharmacies carry it too.

- Pure Cane Sugar (Example: "Rogers Golden Brown..")


- Pan and mixing spoon

- An old sock or a cloth that can be made into a sack

Materials Needed For Impact Ignition:

- Penny

- Roll of Paper Caps

- Electrical tape


1. Measure 60% Salt Peter (potassium nitrate) and 40% Pure Cane Sugar (Example: 6 teaspoons of salt peter and 4 teaspoons of Pure cane suger)

2. Mix both ingredients in a pan over a hotplate (OUTSIDE) **DO NOT MIX ON A STOVE INDOORS!! THE HOT PLATE MUST BE ON THE LOWEST HEAT SETTING**

3. Keep mixing steadily.. again with your hot plate on its lowest heat setting! If it starts bubbling its probily to hot and can explode into flames.

4. It should be done in about 10 to 15 min. and looks like penut butter or a carmel substance.

6. Collect all the crumbs into a cloth or sock (Old socks tied shut at the skiny part seem to work the best?) Now your ready to add the ignition (motified penny bomb) to the bottom of your smoke bomb :)
How To Make Ignition:

1. Wrap 1 roll of paper caps very tightly around your penny.

2. With scissors or maybe a knife, cut the electrical tape in half like strips so they are more skiny.

3. Tightly wrap your penny and papper caps with the strips of electrical tape starting from the middle and then from the sides. The end result should look like a cross or X and some red paper caps should be expoused/showing. Hopefuly looking somehting like this: (X)

4. Your done simply insert this motified penny bomb at the bottom on your smoke bomb mixture.. All you have to do is throw the sack or sock on a hard suface (Cement or concrete away from anything flamable)

Please note:

- More motified penny bombs can be added to ensure ingintion on first throw

- Gun powder or black powder can be added to make the smoke bomb ingnite quicker and look more like a ninja smoke bomb.

Please be very careful.. you have been warned! This is extremely dangerous and I am not responsible for any accidents.

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